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Guitar Lessons


Welcome to “SSS Guitar Group Lessons,” an 8 week beginner guitar course designed for children around 7 y.o. to early teens. This course introduces young learners to the fundamentals of playing the guitar whilst fostering a passion for music and developing skills for a lifelong musical journey. Each 1 hour weekly session will be filled with interactive activities, practical exercises, and exciting challenges to keep kids motivated and engaged. No previous experience necessary. 

2024 TIMES

School Terms, Monday evenings from 4:15pm at the Southside Sounds shop (547 Highett Rd, Highett, VIC 3190). Currently taking Bookings for term 3.

Term 3: Mon 22nd Jul - Mon 16th Sept - TBC
Term 4: Mon 14th Oct - Mon 2nd Dec - TBC

Limited Spots available. If spots fill we can put you on a waiting list and potentially provide a later Monday session or an alternate evening subject to numbers. To discuss further please contact Southside Sounds:


  • 8 week interactive course
  • Group lesson: maximum 9 kids 
  • Two teachers per class
  • Discounted guitar packages available

With 9 kids maximum per class and two teachers on hand, we can provide consistent support and attention to every student. Nobody gets left behind!

Each 1 hour weekly session will be filled with interactive activities, easy and practical exercises and exciting challenges to keep the kids motivated and engaged. It is designed to be fun and engaging, whilst instilling the basic fundamentals and love of guitar playing.

Over the 8 week period, we will teach the basic chords, strumming techniques, simple melody lines, and the joy of playing in a group / band situation. On the last evening the students will perform for their parents / guardians as a group, as well as receive a certificate of completion. 


Each student will require an acoustic guitar. Southside Sounds can provide discounted guitar packages. We can also provide a hire option. A course booklet will be provided and a certificate of completion will be handed out at the end.


Each lesson has two teachers who will provide regular feedback, encouragement and support, ensuring no one gets left behind. Both teachers have extensive parenting and coaching experience, and official working with children accreditation.

At the end of the course each child participates in a group performance to showcase their progress (if they wish to). 


Having played in bands for many decades we believe there is no better way to learn, improve and enjoy music than playing and jamming with others. Collaborating with your piers and mentors is an essential part of being a musician.

We maintain a relaxed, positive and fun atmosphere, and encourage kids to practise and explore their personal musical interests. We are musicians who love music and want to pass on that passion to future generations. May 'rock and roll never die'. 


Guitar Lessons only: $400 per term ($50 per lesson)

Guitar Lessons & New Acoustic Guitar:  $400 + $129 (RRP - $179) - $529

Guitar Lessons & Full Beginners Guitar Pack: $400 + $199 (RRP - $269) - $599

Full Guitar Pack includes:

  • Redding 3/4 Size or Full Size Acoustic Guitar. Available in Tobacco Sunburst or  Natural Finish.
  • 3/4 Black Nylon Padded Waterproof Gigbag
  • Poly Webbed Guitar Strap - (Black)
  • Dunlop variety pack of picks (12pc.)
  • Clip IT Super Chromatic Tuner
  • Xtreme GS10 Guitar Stand 


Rohan: Rohan currently works in the music production industry. He has written musical scores for many stage plays, including for Playbox Theatre at the Malthouse. He plays piano, guitar and can even sing pretty good. He also has a degree in psychology. 

He is an excellent snowboarder and skateboarder, a 'reasonable' tennis player and is pretty handy around a campfire with a guitar as he has an encyclopaedic memory for songs that he can pull out at the drop of a hat.

He loves the art of teaching and has put a lot of time, thought and effort into making these courses as fun and engaging for young budding musicians as possible. 

Max: Max is the owner of Southside Sounds. He has been playing regularly in various bands around Melbourne for 25+ years. He has produced 4 albums of his own music and loves writing songs.

Most often you will find Max behind his work bench bringing old broken guitars back to life. Max has a degree in Social Science (Environment), which he uses regularly when sorting the recyclables from the non recyclables.

Max is a pretty good surfer, a better tennis player than Rohan and is also pretty handy around a campfire with a guitar... although generally he prefers to just play the lead breaks rather than remember all the songs. 

Together Rohan and Max make a great teaching team. 


Limited spots available, please contact us directly at Southside Sounds: