We do all types of guitar repairs big & small ***FREE SHIPPING TO OZ METRO ON ORDERS OVER $150*** We also offer a low 18% consignment rate, so why not bring in that unused guitar to sell.

Guitar Repairs

Melbourne Guitar Repair Service. We offer all kinds of repair and guitar services, such as:

Full setups, Re-fretting, Hardware / Pickup upgrades, Electronic / Wiring repairs, Neck repairs & Guitar and Bass relicing 


Re-string: $25 + strings
  • Clean and treat fretboard
  • Re-string, tune and a once over check
Tuning Machine replacement: $30 + tuners + strings
  • Remove / replace old tuners 
  • Restring with new strings if required
Nut replacement (bone): $50
  • Shape, file and slot new bone nut

Rewire solid body: $50 + parts
Rewire hollowbody: $75 + parts
Pickup installation: One PU $35, Two PU $45, Three PU $50 (not including pickup)
Neck repairs: Starting at $60


  • Standard re-fret: $325
  • Binding: $375
Standard Setup: $110 / 12 String Setup: $125  
  • Frets polished (re-crowned if necessary)
  • Fingerboard cleaned and treated
  • Trussrod adjusted (if necessary)
  • Fix intonation (string / bridge / nut heights adjusted)
  • Electronics checked, cleaned and lubricated
  • Re-string with quality strings
  • Clean and polish guitar
**Prices may vary depending on the nature of the job**